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Personal Travel Managers love being part of our TravelManagers community. Each has joined for a different reason. Whether it be a work/life balance, more flexibility and freedom, a better financial future or to run their own business.

Hear what our PTMs say about joining TravelManagers and how it has changed their life.

Aileen, South Queensland

I have the freedom to build my business with as much support as I need, providing the service to my clients that they need and. I feel so empowered to achieve everything I dream of - the TravelManagers community is second to none

Natalie, Belmont

I think that TravelManagers has been the best part of my whole life. I’ve changed from a different company that I had been with for 17 odd years and these guys have the best knowledge, the best skill, the best foundations that you can ask for from the world. You’ve got Ticketing, you’ve got Marketing, you’ve got BPM experts that just want to help you and wow we know what we are doing but gosh I couldn’t ask for anything better. Honestly I love TravelManagers and I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Rose, Brisbane

I was with a major retail travel agency for 10 years and finally made the decision to go out on my own. This huge change in my career was made simple with TravelManagers’ training and ongoing business support. Switching GDS was easy and this all equates to a happy me, a thriving client base and a successful business. My only question is…why did I wait so long to make the move?!

Dana, Moonee Beach

The thing that I love most about TravelManagers is the freedom it’s given me to find time to launch my blog, and pursue my passions, and still earn money and work from wherever whenever I want. It’s amazing I love it!

Antonella, Drummoyne

What I love about TravelManagers is the comradery, and the amazing group of PTMs that we have, and the encouragement that I receive from my BPM Julia.

Ric, Haberfield

I’ve been with TravelMangers for nearly 10 years and what I love about it is the culture of the team of people in the group and the support from the NPO.

Viviana, Mosman

I love TravelManagers for the flexibility, the fact that I’m at home when my boys get home and the support from NPO.

Virginia, Ascot Vale

What I love about TravelManagers is the freedom to work my own hours and to look after my 2 year old and to do what I can when I can.

Karina, Mittagong

The thing I love about TravelManagers is just the support and the great people and environment.

Ian, Sunshine Coast

As we sit here, sharing a coffee at Brisbane Airport (awaiting to pick up a client from the Azamara Cruise Co charter from Montreal to New Orleans) had a spot of brekky, in our shorts, beautiful day – we just reflected back to our previous life where it’s 8:30am, in a morning meeting being drilled by a Manager on how you are going to make 6 bookings today and think to ourselves, how lucky we are to be in the position we are in. Although we worked hard to get here, we appreciate the life that TravelManagers has given us. Without this business model, we would probably still be in those morning meetings…!

Leisa, Queensland

Well I joined in Nov of 2008 and started operating in Feb of 2009. I started with no clients – so from scratch. It was pretty scary at first and a bit overwhelming, but don’t give up and be kind to yourself. The best words of encouragement I ever received was form another PTM, “in a years time you’ll look back and not believe how much you’ve grown and in 2 years it will have all grown again” and you know what – it was true. If ever you need support, ideas, copies of how someone does something…help is never far away. I’ve always had other PTM’s give me great advice and support and I believe strongly in being there in turn.

Philippa, Adelaide

Being able to share my extensive personal travel experience and product knowledge with my clients is an absolute priority for me. Meeting suppliers face-to-face helps to remember the locations and what is on offer. It’s these kind of personal touches I can talk with clients about, which makes their holiday experience the best it can be.

Monika, Perth

I joined TravelManagers in 2016 because I wanted to grow my own business specialising in the types of travel and destinations I’m passionate about and have the flexibility to be there for my family and not on anyone else’s time schedule. I have a regular “repeat & referral” client base that appreciates my knowledge and service and it’s so rewarding to work together with them to produce the optimum travel experiences they’ve dreamed of.

Vanessa, Mount Lofty Ranges

I came to TravelManagers when I was at the point where I really believed I needed to direct my own travel career with the flexibility to work around my growing family and TMA have been the perfect fit for this. Flexibility is everything to me and I can work as much or as little as I need or want to achieve my own goals.

Michelle, Grays Point

TravelManagers brings a smile to my face. Because collectively, no problem is too big. We are in it together and we will all help each other solve any problem. Because you know why? Everyone is so ready to share their knowledge and help each other. We are ONE big happy family.

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